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Emotionally draining ttc

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Anybody else felt tempeted to give up ttc to concieve because of it being so emotionally draining i treat every month like im going to start my period as to not get my hopes up high despite ttc yet that little bit of hope gets me every time a few days before my period and this month i have started a week early 😐 i admire anyone who keep ttc concieve for yrs and yrs i dont know how you carry on i have only been trying just over a yr but that has at times nearly driven me mad from the pressure ive felt with it and the emotions, i want a baby so badly i just fear im going to crack up from the pressure of trying if i carry on and as my partner already has a child he is not as desperate as me for a child if it didnt happen i dont think he would be that bothered i think if he wanted it as bad as i did it would help me find the strength to carry on trying

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