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can any one help ttc with endometriosis

any help???

hi im 23 i was diagnosed with endometriosis when i was just 21 , im current going through nhs to help me try to concieve but they say my chance are very unlikely( the doctor was very blunt ) . the doctor also said the more they investigate the more problems with my endometriosis i will suffer has anyone else had this problem. just feels as if they are pushing me to one side. been trying for 2 1/2 years naturally .such an emotional roller coaster one min ok then tears flood in ............

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Hi. I know just how you feel. Me and my partner tried for 7 years with no luck. In October 09 I had a lap and dye and was told I needed ivf. My endometriosis is bad, I have adenomyosis too. Add to this only one ovary and my chance of natural conception were 10%.

On the list we went and I began a six month course of Clomid. This did not work for me sadly. Then in July 10 whilst still waiting I moved house to another part of the UK to take a new position with my firm. I then had to begin the process of ivf again with a new GP. This took months :-(

Now the best bit..........after months of new house and new job and new area stress I stopped worrying about IVF and my endo. In January 11 I began to violently throw up. Off to the docs I go thinking I had a virus to be told I was five weeks pregnant. I fell over! Grace is now 28 months and the most amazing miracle.

My advice is don't give up and don't stress. IVF will be a long process but I met several couples whilst having my Clomid treatment in clinic who have children from ivf. But in the meantime keep trying naturally but don't make it the be all and end all. Extensive treatments for endometriosis such as laparoscopy or ablation will eventually cause more problems such as adhesions so if these can be avoided do. I am due to have a hysterectomy on March 5th to treat mine finally.

Don't give up and remember you are not alone xxxx


Don't give up, keep pushing them, you've got to try every possible way to conceive if that's what you truly want! Otherwise you will kick yourself later on in life!!

I'm a little older then you I'm 30 and they've said the same to me that theirs no way I will conceive natural, every time they do surgery my endo just keeps growing back, and getting worse and spreading, but I've not given up and I've got my first IFV consultation in March!!

They have said that when they havest my eggs I may not have any sutiable, but at least I've given it my all!!!!

So hang in in their and keep pushing!!! Good luck hun xxxx



I want to give you hope :-) I had/have endo (and likely adenomyosis). We tried for 4 years. I had a laparoscopy then a laparotomy as they discovered that I had a vast endometrioma. I was really upset to discover that they took my ovary and tube as well as the cyst, but I was basically stuck together on the inside with adhesions. The good part is that I fell pg 6 weeks later. Now, this pg didn't last (NOT endo related), but I fell pg again several months later. My gynae (lovely man) told me that I would never have fallen pg if they hadn't done the op. I guess my message is, get rid of as much endo and adhesions as you can. I was on the IVF list in our area, but they would not do IVF whilst I had the endometrioma as they knew that it wouldn't work - it would have been a waste to do it that way round.

I am sitting in my living room this morning with my TWO children. I fell pg really quickly with my daughter - it was quite a shock that it happened so quickly the second time after all of the tears and traumas of the first time.

Take care and good luck.



thank you all for your replies its nice to know there are people like me out there . yes will keep pushing and trying

kel x


Good glad to hear it, us girls have to stick together! Xxx


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