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Pain after Laparoscopy before 1st period

Hello everyone,

just wanted to ask you if after the Laparoscopy and excision of cysts and other tissue you still had sharp pains in ovaries (where the cyst was) and thigh pain on the same side, just before getting your 1st period post- surgery?

I had a Lap. 2 weeks ago and my period is due in 2 days; I’ve also started on the minipill 3 days ago...

Are my PMS pains in ovary and thigh normal, even though I had an excision?! Did anyone experience this before their periods and post-surgery?


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I am just going through my first period since a lap - and yes, I’ve had a lot of pain but tbh I’ve been in similar pain since my op and it just heightened for my period. I’m on day four now... and the pain is the same even though my period has been lighter today.

I did some research and I think your first period can often be more painful (as everything inside you has either been jostled about during the op or is healing) and heavier.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I think you’re right and that’s only normal after such surgery sadly. I guess that we just have to wait and see how the subsequent periods are..

Take care xx

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