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Endo and Adenomyosis and Prostral injections

Hi all..I am new here and was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis and Adenomyosis about 6 months ago. I am 38 and didnt want to take prostrap initially and thought i could manage my symptoms naturally through diet. I have had good months however recently I seem to be bleeding constantly have fatigue some days, pains in my side, ovary areas, lower back and now have a weak right leg. I saw my consultant yesterday who has given me my first prostrap injection and the option of hrt tablets incase of bad side effects. My surgery will be a hysterectomy and excision surgery and is over 3 months away so was told prostrap will help in the meantime. I have deep inviltrating endometriosis with an recto vaginal nodule which was at least 2cm in size last time I was checked. The mri also showed adenomyosis.

Is there anyone else here who bleeds alot (most of the month maybe a week off!) And has pain in the side?

Did prostrap help with this? I am also unsure whether I now need to take HRT or do I just wait to see if I cannot manage the side effects? What were your experiences? I only need 2 injections before my surgery will commence. I have had my first 3 monthly one.

Lastly does anyone know of any supplements that good help with any of the symptoms?

Apart from a sore bum after injection...I have nothing as its too soon but would like to be as prepared as I can.

Thankyou! Hope you are all keeping as well as you can be!


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Hi, I’m 48. Deep infiltrating endo was diagnosed after I ruptured large endometriomas and I had to have damaged ovary and tube removed. I was also told i had adenomyosis. After that another cyst on other ovary (which had been drained) refilled and I had prostap for 6 months with livial hrt. I took both and had a few hot flushes, mostly at night, after a break the endometrioma grew huge again so I was put back on prostap before further surgery, this time without hrt. I had hot flushes at night mostly for first 5/6 weeks then everything calmed down. I ended up having second ovary removed along with more excision surgery last summer. I’m now in surgical menopause, with hrt, and all seems well in this respect. Hope you get some respite from your symptoms ahead of your surgery


Regarding supplements, a vitamin D supplement has made quite a difference to ongoing fatigue issues I’ve had.


Brilliant thankyou


Thankyou pleased to hear your symptoms were not too bad. Glad that all seems well with ou at the moment - take care it is reassuring to hear I am not alone!


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