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Pain after lap and wound healing

Pain after lap and wound healing

Hey! I had my lap 1,5weeks ago, and it has been quite bad. My stomach feels super sore and i am extremely tired all the time. My job is very physical and by no means could i go back yet. Also, I still have gas inside from the operation! One of the wounds also looks quite horrid, and is giving me pain - the doc however told me not to stress.

How long has it taken for you guys to recover? How long did it take for the wounds to look decent? Did anyone have the gas stuck inside for this long? :( i am hyoermobile (EDS) aswell, could this be to blame for the soreness?

Thanks guys!

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Does your wound feel hot or is it so sore you can’t touch it? x


It’s sore but not hot or too red (i guess), so shouldn’t be infected...


good it’s not hot! just that it looks infected, I had pus pockets around my stitches and they looked just like yours, I’d book an appointment to see a nurse and he / she can clean and it decide whether or not it is infected and you need antibiotics xx

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