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ovary removal and the onset of menstruation


Sorry if i am on the wrong forum or this has been covered before, but can't find any feedback anywhere.

My daughter had a huge ovarian cyst which was removed when she was 10. Consultants said her fertility and menstruation would not be effected by only having one ovary. She is now nearly 14 and has still not starter her periods, which is worrying her as all her friends have and our family members tended to have started by 12. I am sure she has nothing to worry about as she is very petite so low body fat does delay the onset of menstruation. However, just wondering if anyone had any info about this. All the stuff I have found on the web, discussion the removal of an ovary and the continuation of periods rather than the onset. Thank you.

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I started my periods late compared to everyone else around me, best thing you can do is see your GP if you’re worried, especially with your daughters history, could just be a case that she’s a late bloomer, but might be worth seeing a gp, just to put your mind at ease, best of luck and hope everything’s okay x


Thank you, I did mention it to the GP because my daughter has been suffering from Thrush for 6 months. GP thought the thrush might mean her periods were going to start. Without wishing to offend GPs, they can’t know everything so thought it would be more beneficial to ask people who had experienced it.


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