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Endometriosis, cyst in ovary and zoladex injection...

Hi there, I'm posting on behalf of a friend as shes having a tough time with getting pregnant and has had two op's now to remove the endo and a cyst in her ovary and is now on the zoladex injection for 3 months. She is a little anxious to come on the forums so I said I'd do it for her. She wants to know why the endo keeps coming back and whether anyone else has experienced this? She's had two ops now to remove it and it grew back substantially the last time. She has had a 6cm cyst removed from her ovary and is now on a zoladex injection. She wants to know if anyone has had a similar experience and fallen pregnant afterwards? She has been referred for IVF because she's been trying for 2 years but I think it would just reassure her to know people have been through the same thing and been successful. Many thanks in advance!

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I have stage 4 endo my ovaries was just together and ive had cysts on them as well, Unfortunately there is no cure for endo and it will keep growing back, im currently on prostap which puts me through menopause im on this for 3 months and then i start my IVF process, ive been trying to conceive for 6 years now with no sucess, there are woman on here who have had successful stories from ivf who hve endo, where abouts is her endo xxxx


Hiya - thanks so much for your reply. The endo was/is in her tubes and the endometriosis blood also went into her womb x


Her endo keeps growing back because it is an incurable condition and endometrium will continue to grow as long as you're ovulating. Some women are able to carry children but other women aren't. It really just depends on the person and the severity of their disease!

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Hi, that isn't true, because Endometriosis is not the same as the native endometrium, it's similar but it also has many differences too. I shared this post which explains a bit about it. healthunlocked.com/endometr...

These are great articles explaining how with good surgery Endo can be "cured!" For most women Endo does not recur after thorough excision, true recurrence is the exception not the norm. The reason so many women's Endo keeps coming back is because they have either never had it properly removed ie cut out by excision during surgery, burning Endo has been shown to not properly destroy the disease in 80-90% of cases - so inevitably it recurs. If women have had excision and their Endo has "come back" it's much more likely to be missed disease that the surgeon failed to recognise, or persistent disease as it wasn't thoroughly excised in the first place.



Hope you find them interesting! 😊

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Hi, that's lovely of you to support your friend like this! 😊

Please have a look at my other post in response to "mstirling" and show your friend too. Although she's already had 2 surgeries, it's more likely her Endo hasn't been treated properly rather than it has come back. Ask her if she has seen an Endometriosis specialist yet? - someone off this list, if she is in the UK - bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... Also ask her how she had her Endo treated at surgery did they burn it which can be called ablation, diathermy, coagulation, or did they excise it which just means cut it out. Excision surgery has been shown to help fertility too.


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