Driving after laprascopy bso (ovary/fallopian removal)

Hi everyone

hoping you can give me some better information regarding driving after ovary and fallopian removal. I am not being given a definitive answer as to when I can drive. I was told by the surgeon to contact my insurance company, they told me to check with dvla and doctor. Dvla has no info and the doctor I saw yesterday was a stand in as mine was on leave. He called me back and said he thought after 1 week due to laprascopy surgery, if I was comfortable with the seat belt and driving. If any ladies out there can give me their time period of when they drove it would be much appreciated. Op was on 17th April. X

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  • I had lap 17 April too. But investigative & only minor work. I drove first time yesterday short journeys only. I don't know about official line from insurance - didn't check - read somewhere (nhs I think) wait at least 1 week & not be taking painkillers that make you drowsy, but I've got an automatic & still found it pretty tough on my abdomen. You need to be comfortable in driving position, able to deal with manoeuvres & emergency stops. How do you feel?

  • morning jellybutt

    Thanks for your answer, I'm not feeling too bad now, my belly button stopped feeling like it was being pulled at the weekend, I just have twinges both sides inside. I stopped taking pain relief last Thursday even though pain comes and goes quite quickly now I don't think I need them and I'm not really keen on taking meds. My car is a manual and I did go backwards and forward on the driveway last night, felt ok, but obviously didn't turn the wheel. Maybe I'll give it a go this afternoon round my streets, it's just getting a bit stressful for hubby going into work late for school drop off. Thanks again and glad your doing well.x

  • hi all, I was told that I wouldnt be able to drive or work for 4 / 6 weeks and I was scheduled for similar. even then it depends on how u feel, if u can wear a seatbelt, and make an emergency stop. I ended up with an infection from my op which did knock me back considerably. it wasnt until week 5 that I started to feel better and i started to drive and return to work. hope this helps x x

  • Hi dawntildusk

    that's what I was told by my mum who had it done 2 years ago, and that's what I had read in some places. I know we all heal differently but I'm confused with it all. I obviously don't want to do any damage to myself and fortunately I haven't had any complications. When I saw my doctor before my operation she said I'd be off at least 6 weeks, but the surgeon thinks 3 weeks is sufficient depending on how I'm feeling, follow up with him isn't until end of May. hope your all good now and thanks for your cooments.xx

  • no problem. I wasnt well enough to even try until then. its amazing what muscles u use just turning your head to look over your shoulder or even using the pedals. just make sure you dont strain the area because its not just the outside that needs to heal there will be a lot going on inside too. take care x

  • Well I took the car round the horseshoe road at the of my street slowly and boy its knocked me for six. It was quite bumpy and made me feel sick, didn't feel much accelerating and slowing down, but I parked back on the drive slept for 2 hours and am very achy left side. Think Im gonna wait till after bank holiday before I try again. Thanks for all your info. I just don't need to rush, I've found out.x

  • I left it 2 weeks. I wouldn't drive unless you are confident you can do an emergency stop x

  • Thanks dabba76

    Will take heed.x

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