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Want a baby after my laparoscopy/ zolodex! Advice!


I have stage 4 endo, mostly on my bladder a little bit on my right ovary.

So having another lap after my last zolodex which will be April/ may time. After the endometriosis is removed I’ll techbically have a clean bill of health for that time.. they said there’s no pressure for me to have a baby but I’ll be clean of the endometriosis growths so it makes sense too but my tubes aren’t effected at the moment. Anyway, I want to try for a baby after my lap but when will my periods return to normal after the zolodex and lap? Is there an average time?

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Period usually begins within 2 to 4 months after the zoladez. As this injection is a pellet it releases gradually in your body. So your body has to get rid of it in your system.

Good luck all the best in your future 😊

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Zoladex is in your system for 4 months after the last injection. You must not get pregnant while its in your system as been proved to cause birth defects. Use protection until then! Even if you have periods it can still cause problems. Speak to your gynea about best time to try!

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Thanks! By my last injection operation then recovery it won’t be far off the 4 months most likely which is good!


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