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Help! Need advice

Hello everyone

I’ve been having pelvic pain for the past 6months.

Doctors are saying it’s most likely adhesions and not endo.

The pain has decreased over these 6months

Yet I have a laparoscopy coming up next Friday. I am a bit frightened, scared of the outcome and don’t know if it is the right decision. I constantly have back pain and my ovaries are aching, especially on the right side. Does anyone have experience with laparoscopy and relief afterwards regarding this topic/adhesions?

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I'm confused by what your doctor said. If they're saying you don't have endo, what do they think caused the adhesions?

I had laparoscopic surgery and they were able to remove some of the adhesions attaching my organs, but not all. It didn't cause a change in my pain, but then again, they weren't able to remove all of the endometriosis. On the bright side, I recovered quickly from the surgery and was back to feeling normal in about a week, if that helps with any fear you may be having about the procedure itself.


My adhesions are caused by an infection I had, which was treated with antibiotics but the pain remains.

Thank you for your reassurance with the procedure


I see, I didn't realize infections could cause adhesions as well.


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