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Thrush and a catheter 😪😖

I’ve just woken up rather itchy.... I know this is thrush as I suffer from it more frequently than most.

Although I have no idea what I’m allowed to take, as I had lap and hysteroscopy Tuesday? I know the hysteroscopy opens up the cervix to the womb so unsure if I am allowed to use a pessary for treatment?

This is pure frustration now. One thing after another!! It must be down to the antibiotics I am taking for the catheter and also I’m taking lymecycline for my spots.

I just want to sleep and I can’t!!

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Big hugs. Perhaps you need chemist or a gp call to advise you.

I have mild thrush semi permantly. You may know this already if so apologies. I find it's much better when I strictly avoid all sugar and carby junk food, and avoid using all toiletries near the area in the shower (what I do use is organic and paraben and sles free) and use organic pads.

I've also bought optibac sacchrydes boulardi and female vaginal probiotic which are meant to help but haven't tried them yet. Maybe something alternative to look into?

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The doctor prescribed me an oral tablet to take and it seems to have calmed down on the itchy side today, but still have the white discharge :( gross I know!!

Just horrid when I have a catheter down there as well! X


I'm sure xx, I got it far worse than usual after my surgery too. It took a few weeks but did settle back to normal. Hang in there. The first few weeks are just horrid but you'll soon be rid of the catheter and be well on the road to recovery xx


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