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Hip and Thigh Pain from endo??

Hi, i'm new here and I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis while having both tubes removed. The surgeon burned away what she could and I don't think my diagnosis is particularly severe.

For 3 years now I've been experiencing pain in my left hip that travels down my thigh, quite intense at times and a burning sensation other times. I've had 2 MRI's done and nothing has shown up, with the exception of two very small cysts.

It was suggested to me by a friend that maybe my hip/thigh pain was connected to the endometriosis? I have the pain back now again, its quite intense this week and it's 2 weeks since I had my op.

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? I didn't know I had endometriosis until the surgeon told me after the op. I've always had heavy painful periods so I know no different in that respect. I'm almost 40 and have never had children.

Many thanks


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Hi Maggie I have a sharp pain down my right thigh sometimes

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Yes I have the same issue. Had mri with dye and X-ray. Nothing found. Finally went to see physio and gave me some exercises to do. They do help. I think the way I was holding myself with endo pains made it worse. Also when on period the pain gets worse. I have heard that endo can attach to the sciatic nerve. Maybe that could be a possible reason x


Thanks Laura. I’ve been reading posts in here and I do think that the sciatic nerve and endo may be my issue. I’ve a follow up appointment with my gp in 3 weeks so I’ll definately be speaking to her about this.


I thought I had this. Went to see my consultant and he advised to suppress my ovaries from working and stop my symptoms with prostrap injections to see if the pain stopped. In my case it didn’t stop the hip pain so they ruled it out with me x


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