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Lap date

Finally got my date for hysterectomy 15th March, been patiently waiting on this for a few months and now it’s here I’m kinda feeling nervous, I’m mostly worried about the recovery time, I will be having a hysterectomy but keeping ovaries and I will be having stage 4 endo and lots of adhesions removed I’m also having a laparotomy as well as keyhole to unstick my bladder from my stomach wall all will be done by 2 endo specialists, I have my 3 babies (9, 4 & 2) and I’m self employed and my hubby can only get 2 weeks off wrk I am aware this will b a longer recovery time and I no everyone’s recovery is different but can anyone who’s had similar give me an idea of how long it’ll b b4 I’m up and about and back at wrk x

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Hi there, I’m 18 months into my hysterectomy recover and had a similar op to you. Kept my tubes and ovaries but everything else removed. You really need to give yourself a good recovery time. It’s a big op and you feel pretty exhausted for quite some time after. I think the recommended time is six weeks and you really need to give yourself at least that time to recover. I pushed myself too early on and ended up putting myself back. I guess the main thing is to listen to your body (I was never very good at that!) and rest if you feel tired and get out on the good days. Although you are keeping your ovaries you may also have a bit of a hormonal wobble during your recovery. About four weeks into mine I had an absolute meltdown - the enourmity of what had happened combined with hormones and pain just became a bit much, so be prepared for the mental recovery as well as the physical one too. If you have any questions about the surgery Let me know and I would be happy to answer them. The one thing I will say is that the hysterectomy was the best thing I ever did and now 18 months on, I feel better than I have done in years!! Hope everything goes really well. Good luck!! X


I had similar surgery in March last year - expect it to take at least 8 weeks to get back to the bare minimum of normal. For the first month I was so exhausted that I struggled to get out of bed and get dressed most days. I would say I was physically healed by 6 months post op but then the emotional side kicked in and my mental health took a bit of a beating. I'm now almost 11 months post op and just starting to come out of the other side. It is a really long, really tough recovery. Hope you'll be able to get the support you need. x.


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