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"All in my head"

Had an appointment with my gp today, when I asked for a repeat of my sickness meds he went on to tell me they are pretty heavy duty and anyway the nausea must all be in my head. Ive had constant nausea since the coil and its exact same as when I was pregnant, apparently same hormones too so makes sense. Im sick and tired of being told everything is not real and its in our heads. He also told me after I finish uni in the summer he will be weaning me off my pain meds as its stress making my pain worse. Okay so after uni will I just stay in bed in pain and stuck to the toilet all day instead of working? They have been told my gyno and gastro docs that my pain is real and I need pain relief, gyno has referred me to pain clinic but my gp said he wont prescribe be anything they suggest. Why do gps think it is acceptable to treat us like this? Im always getting treated like im a drug addict just after a fix. If i wanted drugs I could get them easily but I don't want that. Sorry had to have a little rant there.

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I am really sorry to read your post, It sounds like you are having a really tough time.

I had a very similar experience with a GP and I started to see a different one in the practice. I wrote a letter one day to the new GP listing how it was affecting my life, how the symptoms were affecting my life and what I had missed out on. I also quoted a few lines from the nice guidelines; nice.org.uk/guidance/ng73. That really helped me build my relationship with them and they have a good rapport going with my consultants now.

Please always remember we are here to talk to, you are not alone in this. We have the helpline run by volunteers who have experience of endometriosis and our support groups. endometriosis-uk.org/get-su...

Best Wishes,

M Mary, Endometriosis UK

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I'm so so sorry to read this. My GP has been encouraging pain relief and yours should too. I think you should consider changing go surgery if possible? I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time if it, it doesn't sound like your GP understands your symptoms or needs. I'm sending really big hugs to you, I hope you feel better soon and this all gets resolved. Sorry my reply isn't offering any advice, just know there are so many of us out there that DO believe you. Hope you feel better soon x


Please consider changing GP xxx

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You could be progesterone intolerant. I tried a myriad of contraceptives over the years, and more recently hrt,having had my ovaries removed and later a full hysterectomy. In fact my hysterectomy was because I couldn't tolerate progesterone. I always knew this was a possibility as I had awful /hideous all day morning sickness with both kids. I had mentioned this to my gynae but he didn't see a link. It was only when I saw a hrt specialist, and asked about the link, and described the issues I had with combined hrt /progesterone that she said I was 'clearly progesterone intolerant'. I should note that I do also get nauseous with too much oestrogen! I was also told with both the merena coil and hrt suppositories that I should get no side effects as the hormones were local acting, but that was rubbish for me, and I had to stop both! I was getting a lot of pain from the coil too.... Like severe period pain. I think by body was trying to reject it and suprise suprise the pain went after.

Your GP is completely ignorant by the sounds of it. You can ask for a copper coil. I had one of those for a while.

I would try a different GP too.

Just remember that you don't have to do what a GP tells you. (As long as it's not life threatening of course!) If it isn't right for you, it just isn't. Be assertive and say what you want. I have direct experience of being told issues can't possibly be due to medication and I've had to stop stuff but suprise, suprise I'm fine once I've stopped. I think I've only ever had 1 GP say I was right! Hope things improve soon. X


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