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Going for donor egg IVF with moderate Endometriosis and adhesions

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had donor egg IVF with moderate Endometriosis and adhesions.

I was diagnosed in 2014 and had some Endometriosis removed at the time. I was told by my Gynecologist that I would need surgery every two years to keep removing the Endometriosis and adhesions.

But I have moved twice and my Gynecologists now won't operate on me no matter how bad the pain is.

I went through two rounds of IVF in 2015 and was diagnosed with low egg count due to the Endometriosis and adhesions on my ovaries and the surgery I had.

It ruined my egg count so now my husband and I are ready to go for donor egg IVF abroad in Greece this year.

We are flying over in April to get tests done and to talk about our cycle.

I just wanted to know people's experiences and if anyone out there has success?

I got pregnant both times in 2015 but the first time I miscarried early and was then diagnosed with uterine high natural killer cells of 25.5 % (normal count is less than 5%) and the second time I had a pregnancy of unknown location. Both were day 3 transfers so with the donor egg IVF we will go with a day 5 transfer.

Thank you xx

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