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Vulvar cancer

Today I got the results of my biopsy which says I have the condition vulvar cancer.

I thought the itching and soreness was from changing my pads to another brand.

So this and endometriosis!!

Christ what is going on!

Right now I've questions and I want answers but my Gynae are not very helpful.

Should I have a historectomy and do away with my lady parts? I know some women when they know they have the breast cancer gene have taken drastic action and gone for mastectomy.

I'm feeling so lost right now.

Has anyone gone through this?

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Oh my goodness. What a shock this must be. And a rare place to get cancer.I guess you need to discuss this with your oncologist now as gynae can only deal with benign conditions, hence can't really help. Personally I'd be tempted to have the whole lot out being over cautious. X

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Yes I am contemplating having the whole lot taken out.

I just don't know where to turn for guidance.

They tell you not to google things but I need to know what I'm dealing with.


I’m so sorry to hear about this. Definitely take advice from oncology. X


Keep on top of the process and follow through with the next stage of full diagnosis and treatment immediately. Seek information and counselling from MacMillan. They have a good website and have counsellors. Have you got a close friend or relative that can support you? Timing is vital as well as a positive attitude. All the best.


Thank you for this advice I will contact Macmillan.

I do have a very good friend who has been a great help but she finds it hard to understand what I'm going through. Xx


Hey,I’m really really sorry to hear your news. It must of been a shock to find out. Cancer of the vulva effects the lady parts on the outside so having a full hysterectomy of your womb etc would not have any effect on the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with, although it may help with your Endo but that is also not always the case. I would speak to your oncologist who would advise you on what is the best form of treatment before you decide to take any drastic surgery which may not be needed for you. It must be a really daunting time for you and I wish you luck with your treatment and journey ahead xx


Yes I know it affects the outside but was told that it increases the chances of cervical. With that in mind and with the endo it was something I was considering but not without having all the facts first.

I'm just very worried abt how I will work and pay the bills. As that on top of this is stressful too.

Many thanks for your concern 😊

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That is so awful for you.😢 oncology will tell you the safest& best way to deal with this but I DO wish you all the luck in the world bless you. I had cervical cancer 26 years ago the radiotherapy burnt the he'll out of my bowel & vagina. Still suffering the effecats to this day.but radiation is more advanced these days. I would like them to completely take away my vagina but it's the scar tissue you suffer with even more!! I've had 3 major surgeries and its left me with awful "scar tissue" pain. So long story short ask oncologist what are your options. Xx


Thank you for the advice.

I truly appreciate everyone's input as right now I'm not sure where my head is at. xx


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