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Going through it all again!

So back in 2016 I was being treated for Endometriosis then they later discovered a large fibroid, where I then received an open myomectomy where it was removed weighing 6lb. Since the surgery which was 8th Dec 16 I was getting pains in the same place but would just come and go and was more when I had a period and was told they would be really heavy while recovering. The past week I’m back to having the severe old pain that I previously had and my Doctor believes that it is Endometriosis and it’s always been that although they found the fibroid. I’m back at the Gynaecologist on Wednesday but I feel let down knowing that I could of had this the full time. I prepared myself the last time being told it was Endometriosis and feel I’m going through the full thing again!! :( feeling so frustrated, angry and upset.

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