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Hi - I was wondering if anyone else has this happen when waking up -

Both my heels are numb , my left leg is numb mainly my outer top thigh area & alsoboth my arms ?

The numbness is my heels can be painful sometimes but the numbness in my leg can feel icy ?

My hands / Arms cam something tingle , the numbness goes between 20 mins & 2he .

All this is after waking up but sometimes I get it in the day.

Any ideas why would be appreciated

Warm Regards: Gary

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Hi I also get the numbness in my right heel, I can’t put any weight on it it’s extremely irritating my leg gets sore from having to walk on my tippy toes, I get a lot of back, hip and leg pains from endo so iv just been putting it down to that x


Could it be sleep paralysis? I think it's definitely worth going to your GP to get it checked out.



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