Couldn't sleep

Morning all, well I thought I put my post on at 2:05am this morning, I was in agony all day and night with my left leg from my groin round to the front, my leg felt numb and pulsating then shootin pain right down to my toes, I kept moving but it didn't go, think I got to sleep at 4 this morning, it still hurts even when I walk.

Hope your all as well as you can be.

Sending hugs to all


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  • Aw hun, i hope you feel better soon, try and get some sleep today. *sending hugs* xx

  • Hi hun.

    Do you have endo in the pouch of douglas?

    I always have the leg pain I feel like sometimes I'm dragging my leg behind me it's horrible.xx

  • hi hun, not sure as now the dr is saying they dont know if its endo, i had my bowel removed from womb in jan 14 due to adhesions, the pain went and then slowly crept back, i had hormone injections for 7 months and they worked i was fine no pain what so ever, so when i saw my consultant we agreed a hysterectomy, when i last saw my dr who signed me off work for 6 weeks and she is not sending me back untill i have had my op, i said im on the understanding i have endo and she looked through all my clinic letters and said there is no mention of endo just adhesions, i have "undiagnosed / unknown pelvic pain" we dont know why the hormone injections worked but they did. so basically they will know what is wrong with me when they open me up x

  • So are you still going to have a hysterectomy?

    It sounds like endo from what you have described that must be really worrying to not know what's going on.

    Oh hu I really feel fo you I hope it gets sorted for you xx

  • yeah i am still having the hysterectomy, how i see it is if i had the injections (put into a false menapause) and they worked then take it all out, i am willing to sacrifice having another child to be pain free, its been too long now and its just getting worse.


  • Oh so sorry that you have been in such bad pain for along time. I hope all goes well with your hysterectomy xx

  • thank you hun x

  • I have had exactly the same all last nyt and today feel like i cant put my leg on the Floor.

    Im not diagnosed yet and my lap isnt for another 7 wks and iv gone private i honestly have no idea how i will possible wait that long xxx

  • hi natalie, hopefully it will go fast for you, anytime you want to chat just message me x

  • Hi there, sorry your in pain, i thought that adhesions where due to previously having ops or endo, have you been seen by a specialist ENdo gyne,

    Are you having your overies out too, ??

    I'm due to have a total hysterectomy but they will leave the overies in, so I wont go into the menopause, I have adenomyosis so it's a certain cure,

    Have you read all of Lindles posts on here, if it's Endo it is possible that a hysterectomy will not help, exspecially if overies are left in, due to estrogen still being produced.

    I really hope you have. Better night tonight.


  • hi tboag, i was told everything will be taken out, i was under the impression adhesions were due to endo aswell but ??? one dr said do you want me to put endo on as the reason which is when i joined here and found out all my pains symtoms tick all the boxes for endo so ???? we will find out once i wake up. its a crap position to be in but i just have to think positive.

    sending hugs


  • When are you due to have hysterectomy?? And how old are you??

    Have you seen a specialist??

  • i saw my gynae consultant on 31st march and she said there is an 18week period it has to be done in, im 31, have 2 children.


  • I think you need to find out if they are taking your overies out, you are very young if they are, I would read Lindles posts and talk to your surgeon and check, overies are very inportant for your bone density,

    And it's not a garentee that it will work??

    I don't want to sound negative but I would really check if they intend on removing your overies,

    If they are not going to, then you will not go into the menopause, and your overies will still produce estrogen, which is what endo feeds on,

    I would consider getting a second opinion from a endo specialist, Lindle has also posted a great post about finding a specialist, read through them all,


  • yeah i have read lindles posts, when i saw my dr last she said i will be on hrt to protect my bones. the consultant said everything will be coming out ovaries aswell, ill keep you updated though x

  • I'll keep you updated too, we should be having it done around the same time I'm in the next 10 weeks,

    We can let each other no how we are feeling ect,

    It is unusual fir them to take overy out if they are healthy, but I don't no your case, so

    Good luck and fingers crossed you get a date soon, I'm not sure how it will feel without pain now, can't wait to find out though, xxx

  • oh i know and just to be able to take the dog for a walk and not be in agony after, ill let you know my date as soon as i know x

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