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First day off work


As I mentioned in the previous post I have suspects endo and this is what my doctor is trying to help me manage. Today I've taken my first day off work due to the pain and feeling completely exhausted. I'm constantly curled up in bed taking pain killers and cuddling a hot water bottle. Is there any tips or anything people have found that may help symptoms a little?

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Big hugs xx well done for looking after you.

I'm trying meditation and diet.

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Thank you! What are you trying diet wise?


For endo, I went gluten and dairy free as both are inflammatory plus avoiding as much processed food as possible. I've been veggie for years. I kept a diary to see what foods I reacted too most. I use ginger and turmeric a lot for their well documented anti inflammatory properties.

For my sins I'm also on a low acid diet due to reflux I developed after surgery so avoiding sugary drinks and snack bars too atm and anything with an actual pH of under 5.


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