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Recent suspected diagnosis

Hi everyone,

I've been having irregular periods and pain for the last 3 years. I have been put on the contraceptive pill and taken off it, had the mirena coil put in, had mefanamic and tranexamic acid. Each one has helped a little but the pain is still unbearable and the bleeding continues daily. I finally got an appointment with a gynae consultant in December and the examination had me screaming in pain and crying. He told me it's suspected endo but the only way he'll know is by leaving me for another 3 months and seeing if utovlan helps. It has helped a little, the pain is only around 60% of the time rather than 90% but it still brings me to tears some days and now I'm having time off work because the pain is too much to cope with. As well as the utovlan I have researched diet and am following recommendations not to eat red meat, Gluten, dairy, wheat, eggs, caffeine, soya. I was hoping for a major improvement but the pain is still unbearable and I am still bleeding everyday. I am 35 and am thinking the only way forward is a hysterectomy because I cannot continue in this pain. The problem is I haven't had kids so I am sure that they won't do it. The fact that I am in so much pain seems to be completely lost on people and now I'm worried about my sick record at work too. Can anyone offer any words of comfort or advice as to what to do?

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