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So my doc has given me a suspected diagnosis but they wont pout me forward for a laparoscopy because the specialist at the hospital hasn't saw enough symptoms to put me forward yet, said it could take up to 1 more year! Have been in pain for 18 months now, my periods stopped (this has baffled them apparently) pain during intercourse, the back pain is pretty awful, every blood test/swab/scan they've done has all came back fine, the woman i saw at the gynae dept pretty much said because I never jumped in pain during my last internal she hadn't saw enough to put me forward for the op, I could have hit her seriously!!

It's affecting everything, I'm getting to the point I cant cope with everyday life as i should be able to, I know even if i have to wait another year that I'm still lucky as I have read most females waiting up to 10 years for a diagnosis but i just found the attitude of the hospital pretty shocking to be honest, really dont know what to do :(

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  • Hey, is there no chance u could go to a different hospital or even check in to the doc at it hospital and see who the endo specialist is? I had the same prob with my first consultant but have now changed consultant who is the specialist were I live and he has been fab

  • The hos I was at is the specialist gynae unit for this area. I looked into going private but the costs were pretty high unfortunately, just don’t know what else to do as feel like just getting left to it

  • Honestly keep fighting and they will get to the point that they will offer a lap that's wat I had to do for 4 yrs before getting put on the waiting list for my first lap. Like I made a complete nuisance out of myself but sometimes u need to do that with docs I wouldn't pay for anything that I am entitled to on the nhs

  • Thanks, I have been I was back at gp last week & I told her I cant cope now, it's all too much

  • Keep doing that honestly it does work and my first consultant was a waste of time like I haven't seen him now from I went in to theatre but my new consultant came to ward that afternoon to see me so have faith there are still some good docs out there

  • Yeah hopefully, I'll set up a picket fence til they send me back lol

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