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2nd Op, what to expect?

Hi ladies!! I had my first op in April 2016 (when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis) I have now been scheduled into have a second operation at the end of February / beginning of March. I haven’t had much information on this at all and I was wondering whether anyone could give me advice... will this just be another laparoscopy? How long were you off work? Do they go through the same scars? Will I have to have another pre op appointment? I seemed to have more pain after the first op, will this decrease after my second? Any answers or information would be great! I’m aware that everyone is different but I was just wondering what other people had experienced. Thank you!💛

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Hello Alice-96

You sound anxious but to answer your first question you really need to speak to your GP/Consultant and confirm what op they are going to give you. Then get back to your friends on this site and we will be able to support you x


Thank you! I’m more excited than anything..I want to feel ok again! I’ll try and find out tomorrow x


The routine is much the same with pre ops and entry via belly button for lap.

You're having excision treatment this time and recovery varies by how much you have done. Mine was extensive surgery for severe grade 4 and my minimum recovery was 6 weeks though its actually been 6 months because I was very unlucky and got viral meningitis.

I was in a couple of nights the second time had a catheter (a blessed relief as I could sleep). I have had more pain. The three months of post op inflammation and painful periods while. Your body recovers still stands too.


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