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What actually does hormone treatment do for Endometriosis?

I'm yet to be diagnosed by lap but my consultant seemed confident I have endometriosis.

My symptoms escalated after stopping the combined pill and now I've been back on it for 2 months I feel like I've been given a new lease of life again (I do still have niggles but nowhere near as servere as they were).

Could someone explain exactly what the role is of the combined pill (hormone therapy) on endometriosis, is it only for pain relief or does it slow it down etc?

Many thanks in advance x

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In my experience hormone treatment dampens down the loss of blood but it depends on what type and or combination you are on


The cp thins your uterus lining. The others suppress oestrogen which feeds endo by mimicking pregnancy or menopausal states



Hello! I had my lap a couple of weeks ago and asked my surgeon the same thing. He said hormone therapy basically slows down the growth, doesn't stop it entirely but slows it down significantly and should make periods lighter as a result. Fingers crossed he's right! I hope it helps you 😊 xx


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