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Hi there. I finally got my date for my Laparoscopy however, I am extremely anxious about it. The doctors haven’t really told me much. They told me that it’s a key hole surgery for a diagnosis but they said I can end up with a massive scar. I have no idea how long the procedure will take, recover time or anything. I am currently in my third year of my degree and I really don’t want it to effect my studies.

Can anyone give me a rough idea how long it will take as well as recovery time? As well as what I should take to the hospital with me?

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Hi there,

Well I can give u as much advice as possible as I've had 4 and I'm die my 5th!!!!

My diagnostic lap:

Was in surgery for aboyt 1.5 hours, had an incision just above pubic line, belly button and left side or tummy. Stayed in recovery ward for around 3 hours as I take ages to wake from anaesthetic.

Recovery wise each have been different, my 1st I was off work for around 4 weeks but this is because I have an active job. I also got a small infection in my tummy incision.

Exercising can take longer to get into because of the location. Your incisions will heal quicker than your insides will.

With regards to my other 3 laps, pretty much the same incisions, been in surgery between 1.5 and 3 hours with simiar recovery times.

They tell you the results when you are coming too from the anaesthetic and you will most probably forget!!!! Ask the nurse b4 u leave and if not you will get a letter several weeks later with the full details.

Post op check ups have ranged from 6weeks later to 6months!

Good luck and if you need any more info/help/or just to chat drop me a message.

Hi I have my first one on the 8th of Feb. I also did a post asking for tips ect. Feel free and have a look at my profile x

Hey there beauty. I guess I can understand how you feel. It must be terryfing for you! I know how I felt when they told me I had to go through it at first. I just remember that my husband joked about it... He used to say that I'll do it after you to make you feel good. Like that used to make me laugh.

Now that I think back at it... Damn I should had worried least. It wasn't much of bad procedure. It is widely considered as a low risk procedure. However it is a very precise one. It helps doctors diagnose more precisely.

Here you have a link: ! Check it out. It shows everything you need to know about laparoscopy! Hope you found it helpful.


Hey! I'm near the end of my studies as well and just had my first lap 2 weeks before the previous semester. It didn't affect my studies at all (even with 2 subsequent abdominal surgeries throughout the semester due to other problems.) Just be sure to let all of your instructors know ahead of time, they generally are very understanding as long as you keep them informed on what is going on.

My first lap took about an hour and 45 minutes. It took me about 3 weeks to not feel super sore after doing some normal activities (like walking around campus.) It is doable, it just sucks at first. But you get through it.

As for what to bring to the hospital, I brought loose pants and a baggy top and extra big cozy underwear. I also brought my phone as it seems to take forever to get back to the operating room.

I have posted day to day updates for about 2 weeks after my surgery (as well as some posts with my concerns leading up to the surgery) so feel free to go check those out on my profile as I had many lovely replies from others.

Feel free to message me any time about this x and good luck!

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Thank you for posting day to day! I’m due my lap tomorrow so will have a read! 😁

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You’re welcome ☺️

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Hi, I’m new to this site. I have my first lap on Friday and I was hoping to read your day by day account of recovery but your profile is hidden. How can I see it? Thanks

Regarding the scars it is very unlikely to leave you with massive scars if it is a normal laparoscopy. That's one of the points about it - it is all keyhole surgery so done through tiny cuts up to about a cm big (but often smaller) and also the biggest hole is usually in your belly button so barely noticeable anyway. I had mine just over a week ago and the incisions are just small scabs really, I think once healed fully they will barely be noticeable or just a small mark. My belly button does look a bit weird but only to me (as in it's sewed up inside so I can't see the actual button anymore!), I think it will go back to normal but even if it doesn't I don't think it will be noticeable to anyone else. You should be fine, I wouldn't worry. Xx

Id recommend being prepared, make sure to have REALLY loose clothing post op I cant stress this enough, I bought cotton leggings 4 sizes too big and I should have gone looser! Have prescription from surgeon ready to hand straight away post op if required. Bring a sanitary towel in hospital bad post op in case you have a small leak after - saves the hassle of asking for one. Be prepared for gas pain in shoulders, and sore throat from anaesthesia breathing tube (I had sore throat for 3 weeks strangely). I found having a chair you can sit in thats high off the ground (not too close to ground) was really helpful so you can get up out of seat without too much strain on your stomach. Do not eat fatty or too heavy foods too soon after op, eat light foods for as long as you feel you need to, I rushed into eating 'normal' meals and my body wasn't ready yet. I drank lots of water and I had alot of peppermint tea to try and get rid of gas they pump you with for @laparoscopy. I hope I haven't given too many details, I just like to be prepared! Keep healing scars as dry as possible after shower, I used kitchen tissue to get them as dry as possible. Be prepared to feel a bit low after surgery, I didn't realise that this was really common, try to have some nice things planned or treats while you are recovering like a good box set or magazines or something you enjoy. I found the scars healed quickly but my body took a while to get back to normal in general (1-2 months), Two weeks minimum before going back to work. First period after surgery can be unfortunately be quite bad. Take your time. Best of luck, its great you are being taken care of.

Hi little miss princess I had my laparoscopy last Monday key hole day surgery. Like you was extremely anxious in fact was going to cancel it the morning if the surgery. So glad I didnt I have had a endemtrioma cyst drained that was 8cm and diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. I had a tiny bit of discomfort but this week I could.technically go back to work but ive put a two week.sick note in. I walked to the theatre with my anethatist and laid on.bed had a canualla put in.was minutes flat next thing woke all done and.dusted and was back home a couple of.hours later. I was scared but im glad I now have a diagnosis as ive changed my diet and taking supplements to help my endometriosis. I took a day bag of clothes, a couple of sanitary towels, clean.knickers, pyjamas nd went home in the pyjamas. I took.a shower after two days as I had dressings on the cuts which are tiny. The belly button one which has a stitch or two taking a bit longer to heal but I keep bathing it to take the bit of pus away. It is amy straight forward minor procedure and I found rest and sleep when I got home soooooo good sleep like a baby. You need a diagnosis so you can get better treatment for whatever it is and it gives you peace of mind. Good luck if I can do it anyone can

hi! im in exact same boat as you... i am in 3rd year of my degree and i have my first lap this fri 26th jan! I too am very anxious! i have even had nightmares. I have spoken to my module tutors and just said i am going in for an op on fri and will be back as soon as i physically can. They were brilliant... they said dont rush and dont worry we will get you up to speed when you are back. I was crying the other day as uni is so so important to me and i have worked so hard to get to the point i am at now. I am also a single parent to a 14 yr old girl and a 10 yr old boy and i have a demanding stressful job too!!!! so this lap is really getting in the way haha but i know i need to have it as i am in so much pain. I really hope it all works out for you... which i am sure it will :) x

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