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Have to answer questions over the phone before my laparoscopy?

Has anyone else had to have a phone "questionaire" prior to a lap?

I'm having it done on the NHS around March but have been told I'll have to answer questions via a phone call a couple weeks before I have it and they could cancel my lap if they no longer think I need it because of my answers?

I'm quite confused and wondering what others experienced...

Thanks in advance :)

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Sounds odd!

Where I work if you’re suitable, some people have telephone pre-ops - could it be this?

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Possibly, thank you :) still waiting to hear anything off my gyno regarding my lap so waiting to find out whether they'll call etc.


All I had was a questionnaire to fill out and return to the hospital- it was then decided based on the form that I did not require a pre op.

I guess every hospital has their own way of doing things.

All the best with your laparoscopy hope it goes well xoxo

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Thank you :)


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