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Laparoscopy recovery

Hello everyone

Long story short been struggling for months/years on and off regarding pain, bowel and urinary problems and fertility problems.

Had my laparoscopy Tuesday and they found I had a endometrioma (chocolate cyst) 7cm x 8cm x3.5cm on my left ovary. Endometriosis between my uterus and bowels, on the pouch of Douglas, and adhesions sticking everything together. The cyst ruptured during the operation and they had to “wash my stomach out” due to the old blood/bacteria in my stomach. Ended up with retention and had to have a catheter passed-to drain my bladder. I had 4x incisions.

I am really struggling with my pain. I know a lot of it is from the gas in my stomach from the op- but the pain in my shoulders wow. I have been given oramorph for pain, got sickness meds and trying to rest but move as much as I can.

Any tips on recovery??? Pain management?? Also swelling to stomach it is very prominent on my left site where my ovary had to be “reconstructed” as the dr put it. Is this normal???


Becky x

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Ruptured cysts are incredibly painful even if washed out so yes, it is normal to have a lot of pain after this sort of surgery, but if you are struggling to get your pain under control or starting to feel distressed by it please go to A&E and get yourself checked out. You can take ibuprofen and paracetamol with oramorph if you need that bit extra.

Otherwise rest and try to eat as well as you can (high protein if possible). It might be worth taking something like movicol to prevent constipation as that will make the pain worse (you can buy this over the counter from the chemist) and start short walks once you feel up to it. But it has only been a couple of days. Take care of yourself. x.


I was on 2 codiene, 2 paracetamol and 400 ibuprofen. Didn’t completely numb pain but went a good way towards it 😊 hope you feel better soon xx


Warm peppermint cordial works miracles, tastes like ass but literally removed all the wind I had!


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