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Recovery from laparoscopy

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Hiya. I had my lap on Tuesday afternoon. I’m still heavily reliable on painkillers. I’m now on antibiotics for my throat too. I can’t sleep ok my side. I can get up and have small walks but I’m still in so much pain. How long did it take anyone else? I know it’s only day 4 post surgery but I don’t cope well with sitting around and feeling Rubbish, so to be sitting on the sofa all day everyday is unusual for me. I had endo removed from all areas and my bowel and my uterus and left ovary were very enlarged. Guess I’m just looking for someone to say they felt rubbish for a while to make me feel more normal. Thanks for reading. X

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If this was extensive endo and treated in a specialist endo centre it can take several months to feel the benefit. The initial acute pain will ease but it is so important to listen to your body and let it heal at this stage. Remember if you had deep excision this is a major trauma to your internal tissues and your body doesn't know the difference between this and any other trauma. It is common to feel more pain after a lap than before until the healing is done. Only then can you assess the benefit. If you still are concerned after a few weeks contact the specialist endo nurse.

I had superficial endo and was still feeling rubbish four days after, so I imagine having extensive endo means that this is definitely 100% normal! You’ll recover soon enough don’t worry xx

Hi! I had my second lap and excision a month ago - the first 5-6 days were the worst! I seemed to turn a big corner recovery-wise on day 7. Just jeep resting and don't try and rush it or you'll end up worse in the long run! X

Hiya thank you you so much for this. Really appreciate it. Xxx

Hey, sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish, just in case this re-assures you. I had surgery last Wednesday (22nd)- I am still on painkillers- have lots of back pain and am very tired. I am typically extremely active so can completely sympathise with you. :) I hope that you give yourself the rest and are kind to yourself. Sending kindness C x

Thank you for replying, this reassures me. I’ve just started with back pain when I’m stood up or moving around actually. So are you off work still and still resting up? I’ve started with a rash all over my tummy too? Not sure what it’s from, it’s not itchy either. Have taken antihistermines but isn’t going down. X

All over tummy

I am off work and have been signed off for the week coming up r.e the rash I have a tiny patch on my stomach but assumed it was heat rash from hot water bottles or the edge of my stitches rubbing. Maybe see your GP for advice on the rash if it's still around? Hoping you feel much better soon. C x

Thank you. Yes I might ring the dr in the week if it’s still there. I wondered if from the heat of too. I feel a bit better knowing someone who’s had lap so close to mine and in similar boat. Thanks for reaching out. Hope you are on the mend soon too xxx

Hey Kitty. If the rash gets worse and spreads and anti histamines not working I'd definitely call your doc. I had a bad reaction to some of the medication I was given (probably the post op antibiotics) and got a rash but it ended up all over my body! It wasnt an allergic reaction but my liver being slightly "damaged" by the medication. It went away on its own (basically stopped taking any drugs!) but it wiped me out for an extra week or so!

P.s I had a month off after my lap, I definitely needed it. But I think partly due to the reaction! I think taking the time to really rest and recover (though boring!) has stood me in good stead since and I've been able to get back to exercise etc and "normal" quite quickly after that initial month

Oh day 4 is still SO early. Sorry to say but there's still days to go before you start to feel progress and you will just have to relax and do nothing for a while. I tried to go for a walk on day 4/5 and threw up! I also struggle to stay at home doing nothing to the point that I get boredom induced anxiety/depression. Best to try and have video calls with family/friends or do courses online or just find something to do with your hands.. Seems like a silly advise but you'll just have to make time pass and not to think about it too much :)

I had laparoscopy 3 weeks ago. Pain and tiredness lasted about 2 weeks then gradually increased what I can do. Sadly I caught a cold and the coughing didn’t help matters. You know your body so listen to it xx

Hi, I also had laparoscopy last Tuesday. I found Friday and Saturday I was in more pain/tired than I had been the previous days but today felt marginally better. I’m still on the codeine at the moment even tho I was told to only take it for 3 days. I was in too much pain when I stopped!

This was my first surgery and the diagnosis I had been waiting years for. The surgeon said it was stage 3 endo and removed extensive amount and a large cyst on my left ovary. Her words were it “was a mess in there” so I’m assuming the pains/tiredness are all normal part of the healing.

My concern is the surgeon has only signed me off till the end of this week and then thinks I’ll be fit for work. I’m struggling to see that happening as I am a radiographer and it is quite a physical job. I also emotionally don’t think I’ll be ready for work as this has been a lot to take on!

How long did other have off after their surgery?

Hey! You'll have seen above I had four weeks off. Possibly would have been okay after two/three had I not had reaction to drugs but not after a week! Could you chat to your GP and see if they can sign you off for another week, especially if you have a physical job?

Thank you. I didn’t feel like it was long enough! However I’ve had a really bad night + it is hurting to go to the toilet today. Also I’ve had a really sore throat since the surgery which I did expect, however it’s got worse and now I’m struggling to swallow so I’m wondering if I’ve got an infection! 😔

Currently on hold trying to get through to my GP!

Also, when I had my pre op the nurse said it could be up to 6 weeks off depending on what they do so I was a bit shocked when the surgeon said a week + a half. However I was too out of it after the surgery to question it! Xx

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