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My right or surgeon's right? Lap results - advice needed x

Ok sorry if this is a silly question...I have had my lap results from op five days ago and the letter says endo found on 'right uterosacral ligament' and 'right ovarian fossa'. My 'right ovary' had adhered to my pelvic wall.

My question is - does the surgeon mean her right or my right? I googled this and apparently doctors are trained to refer to the patient's left and right so it should be my right (as in when I look down at my belly, on what I see as my right side). Not sure if this is true?

However, the two incisions I have apart from the belly button one are on my left side - and seems strange to me they would make two holes on the opposite side to the problem unless they have a funny way of reaching it!

Anyone know anything about this? Any thoughts? It's not a major issue but would be good to know that's all, and I don't see gynae for three months now. Don't really want to bother chasing her to ask when it isn't really an issue! Xxx

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If the surgeon says right side it will be the right hand side of your body. As in the surgeon would say your heart is in the left side.


Thank you! That's what I though but was just a bit confused because the incisions are on the other side. Thanks for your response x


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