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suspicions that I have endo, opinions?

Hi everyone,

Soo I haven't been diagnosed with anything at all yet, but I have a suspicion I could have this!

I am a 17 year old girl who's blood tests keep coming back completely normal but the doctor's seem to think having a blood test coming back normal suddenly cures me!

A few of my family members have endo, here are my symptoms:

-feeling so weak

-lack of appetite

-feeling so nauseous I cannot move

-i get a pain in my upper and lower abdomen, almost feels like a ripping sensation (I describe it as peeling a sticker off the paper , weird I know but can't describe it any other way 😂)

-heartburn: they've given me gastro something and it's helped slightly

-my periods have never been regular

I might be completely wrong, but I want opinions on whether I should ask further at my next appointment about this! My sister who has endo has said it isn't her symptoms so she doesn't know!

Any thoughts are welcome, thank you xx

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Oh and also really bad back pain! I've been walking like an old lady these last few days lol



Bless you sounds awful 😞

I can’t offer any advice unfortunately but I wish you lots of luck pushing for some answers

I too am at the point of waiting for a potential diagnosis and would suggest you keep pushing your gp’s. They sadly have the power to get us the tests, untrasounds & procedures to get us our answers.

Good luck 😉 xx

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Thank you so much!

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Hi, everyone’s symptoms are different, my symtoms are god awful back and hip pain, groin pain, pelvic pain that feels like it’s been doused in acid like a burning sensation, pain down back of legs down to my ankles and right up the inside of my legs front of thighs hurt, it’s kinda a bad leg cramp feeling that never goes away I have started walking with a little limp and all that is my everyday pain, when I’m on my period or ovulation multiple all that by about 5, I’m stage 4 endo 32 years old and awaiting my date for a hysterectomy. Be persistent with the Dr’s they not at listening the pill is their answer for everything, it works for some ppl but sadly not everyone I was one who it didn’t work on, my endo specialist surgeon is fantastic he calls me his mystery case, I have stage 4, pcos and a severe bicornurate uterus (heart shaped uterus) and with all this I have 3 children only my first I needed fertility treatment, he says it’s a miracle I have 1 let alone 3. Iv said this before to others keep going back every week if u have to. Hope u get some answers x


Ok! Thank you so much!x


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