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Anyone had bad experience with Cerazette but good experience with another mini pill?


Any advice on mini pills that have worked for you after bad experience or heavy bleeding from cerazette?

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I really didn't agree with Cerazette, I was bleeding non stop for 6 months, had acne like I never had before (worse than when I was a teenager), had headaches and my hair was falling off. It took my a long time to get it out of my system too. Before Cerazette I was on a combined pill with levogesterol but can't remember the name and revert back to it after trying Cerazette. I also was on yasminelle a long time ago and I was fine with both combined pills xx

C2691 in reply to MaloushkaPat

Thank you, cerazette made my bleeding extremely heavy. But I’m always reluctant to try any more combined pill with the risk of blood clots. I don’t know whether it’s even worth trying a different mini pill or if they’re all the same. X


Hi, I’m on desogesterol which is a progesterone only pill I believe. My periods used to be awful - very heavy and excruciating pain. This pill has stopped my periods which means the period pains are gone. Unfortunately I still have endo pain but at least that’s all I have to worry about. Might be one for you to suggest to your gp?

Good luck x

kimbob2 in reply to Hidden

Hi, I've been on desogesterol for almost a month now after being taken off the combined pill (worked really well for me for years, taken back-to-back 3mths at a time). Did it take a few months for your periods to stop?

I've just had a period and ended up in A&E on morphine, so no help with pain so far. But I really wasnt expecting to have a period at all and I am hoping that they will stop!



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Hi, I’ve been on it for a while now. And I too got taken off the combined pill because I was told it could be making my endo worse. And I remember the dr telling me it’ll get worse before it gets better. And it did get quite bad, painful, but it soon cleared up and I haven’t had a period since. I guess everyone’s different, and I think they do say some people have them stop and some don’t. Hope you start feeling better soon x

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I think desogesterol is the sort of medical name for most progesterone only pills, as I'm on Cerazette and on the packet and my prescription it says it's a desogesterol so I think they're the same thing x

I don't have endo, but did have heavy bleeding , I'm on norithesone which is a prostegen tablet, works ok for me

Amelia2018 in reply to Puddl667

Does that help with fertility? Iam on it as well iam ovulating so much tho x

C2691 in reply to Puddl667

Thank you, I don’t have endo either but have very irregular bleeding and some times extremely heavy. I’ve not yet tried a pill that doesn’t give me even heavier bleeding & pain, are you naturally regular? And has norithesone made things regular?

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