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Lap on Thursday - very anxious!

Hi all,

I think I’ve bored everyone now, but my lap is on Thursday and am scared shitless!! I will have complete excision (except bowels if they are affected) and partial cystectomy because the endo pierced my bladder badly!

I’m scared of being out for many hours, of the catheter pain, of having a bag for 10days to let my bladder heal, of having even more pain afterwards, of not being able to look after my child once all the support has gone to live their own lives, of not being able to go to work after 2weeks (I’m allowed to work from home), but also of being disappointed by friends who can’t help/understand how much physical and emotional support I (will) need, etc.

Anyone got bladder endo and can reassure me or tell me how it really goes?

Thanks 🎗🎗

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Hello Endowarrior4567, thank you for using our community on HealthUnlocked. I am sorry to hear you are feeling anxious about your forthcoming surgery. You might find it helpful to visit our website where we have a lot of information about what to expect from your surgery. Our Helpline volunteers would be happy to talk through some of your concerns. You can call the Helpline for free and see on our website when it is open: endometriosis-uk.org/helpline

We hope that your surgery goes well.

Best wishes,

Louise - Support Network Manager


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