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Anyone else too scared to have diagnostic lap but 100% convinced they have endo due to symptoms? Anyone have endo symptoms but negative lap?


I'm off work (again) due to period pain.

I have had period pain since primary school. At secondary school I missed a dose of ibuprofen during my period which resulted in such bad pain I was passing out and writhing on floor of a maths lesson with the school nurse asking my sister if I could be pregnant as it looked like I was in labour. I've been admitted to hospital twice with suspected appendicitis due to what I now think is severe, stabbing ovulation pain. Ive been through so many diagnostic tests - ultrasounds, CT, MRI that found nothing and being in labour was easy as I basically had the same pain every month with my periods. Unfortunately pain is worsening each month again after a nice break with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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I also have in several occasions been admitted into hospital with suspected appendicitis bursting.

It took 5 years and 10 months of trying for a baby and 3 years of known gynae issues for me to be diagnosed with endometriosis in my pouch of Douglas which my fertility doctor removed and I conceived straightaway but lost the baby at 4 and a half weeks. Since then my symptoms are back and I’ve been referred to have another laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, biopsy and possible treatment of endo again.

What is it that is frightening you the most? Is it the anaesthetic? The recovery? Or endo being missed?

It can be missed but more often than not it is detected if you have a gynae who is knowledgeable in endometriosis. Mine was.

Lots of other gynae issues can be caused by a variety of things- polyps, fibroids, adenmyosis, adehisions and finally endometriosis. These all produce very similar symptoms.

I would urge you to seek medical help- your symptoms are impacting upon the quality of your life and you need to be investigated. Your health may also suffer- you may become anaemic as a result of the heavy periods- I have.

The surgery itself is fine- it’s not bad. I found my endo pain and symptoms far worse! I’m a big wimp with gynae tests and if I can do it anyone can!!!!

The theatre staff are so lovely and they will put your mind at rest.

You don’t have to put up with these symptoms- it is not part of being a woman when it’s that bad xoxo

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I'm sorry you have been struggling so much with TTC and a miscarriage must be heartbreaking.

I think I'm just a wimp and have serious trust issues so surgery is causing panic.

I'm also obese at the moment so will try to lose weight before surgery. My gynae appointment isnt until late June so I'm sure a lap won't be for ages after that anyway.

Thanks so much for reminding me that there are other gynae issues which need to be ruled out too. I've been so convinced I have endo due to the bowel pain but my mum had hystercotomy due to fibroids so its worth me being more openminded.

When is your next lap? Good luck with it :)


Thank you.

The thought of surgery is scary to anyone.

I had my second lap in March where more endo had returned to POD and is now all over my rectum so I’m now under a endometriosis specialist and awaiting my third laparoscopy! Haven’t got s date; it’s a 30/35 week wait at mine 🤦🏽‍♀️it might be put forwards due to some symptoms ( looks like I might need further investigations before the lap)

I have lots of gynae issues and bowel symptoms with mine.

It’s ridiculous we have to fight so hard to get a diagnosis it’s not acceptable 🤦🏽‍♀️ who’d be a women hey?!!! 😂 xoxo


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