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Diagnostic lap was 11 weeks ago and my symptoms are much worse this month, could endo have grown more so quickly?


I had my diagnostic lap in june where my endo was diagnosed but none was removed, this month my symptoms have been alot more painful to the point I'm nearly passing out with the pain. Is it possible that the endo has grown in the last 11 weeks? Or is that too soon? Any help would be greatly appreciated, honestly can't cope with this pain xx

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From what I’ve read about Endo the pain can be different month on month. I’ve not been diagnosed as Gynae says the treatment they’ve put me on would be the same either way although my GP won’t prescribe both drugs the Gynae prescribed?!? But all my symptoms scream Endo!! I’ve had months when the pain is manageable but I’ve had months when I’ve ended up in a&e I've been in so much pain. When I was taking both the transexamic and mefanamic acids Gynae gave me, the pain was bearable and I topped up with co-codamol. But sine only having mefanamic acids it’s been worse again and I’ve had to back to the GP.

What are you taking?

lizzyxx in reply to Skippy73

I've tried everything! Was on a lot of tablets before I was finally referred to a bsge centre, he advised me to stop taking them as they wasn't helping me so I just take ibuprofen and codeine atm. I have stage 3 and have my excision surgery is in a week, just hoping they can remove it all

Skippy73 in reply to lizzyxx

Good luck. Hope they sort you out it’s horrendous and nobody understands xx

Hi Lizzy, I had the same after my laparoscopy: the pain was worse! I think for a few months after the lap everything can be more painful because they've been operating in your tummy. The lap did not improve my pain symptoms but at least we now know for definite the diagnosis and they drained a cyste etc. I went on Zoladex which had quite awful side effects, but I was completely pain-free for 4 months. Hoe that's helpful in any way! X x

lizzyxx in reply to RosalieMax

I was diagnosed with stage 3 on the 18th june but all he did was take pictures as it was too extensive to remove, I'm just worried that cos the endo has been left for nearly 3 months it has grown even more? I'm sorry the lap hasn't worked for you and hope you find some relief soon xx

RosalieMax in reply to lizzyxx

Good luck for the future! I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo with lots of bowel involvement so they couldn't do much about it either.. It's a rubbish illness but at least there's some treatment options and I find it nice to share experiences - feels less alone! X x

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