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Hi not sure if I have endometriosis or if it is just a heavy period need some advice been have a very heavy period recently for two days now thick blood clots in the toilet and on the sanitary towels been have too secure always night pads cause they are so heavy had a migraine this morning felt sick came home from work to find I leaked though my trousers though the night pad got into the bath got ready within 10 minutes off getting changed had to change my knickers again and the night pad I now have two night pads on feel like crying don't know what to do please help any advice

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Hi, your period sounds really heavy. Why don’t you make an appointment with your GP for a check up. He/she might suggest a scan to check your pelvis is normal and blood test to check for anaemia There are also medications which your gp can prescribe to help with bleeding.

Good luck!

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