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Focal Adenomyosis or Uterine Fibroid or both?!?!

Hi, this is my first time posting and I hope someone can help with my query. For 11 months I’ve had chronic pelvic pain (daily constant stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen and pelvis and pain from two lumps either side of pubic region, painful periods, intermittent constipation/ diarrhoea, tiredness, breathlessness, night sweats, painful intercourse - had for years etc). After months of tests (CT scan, colonoscopy and finally transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound), in Nov I finally got diagnosed with Focal Adenomyosis. Then last Friday I had a Laparoscopy to determine if I also had endometriosis and the surgeon inserted a Mirena Coil to help with the pain from the Adenomyosis. The surgeon after I woke up told me she didn’t find any endometriosis and said that nothing was removed and sadly I still have the same chronic pelvic pain as before whilst also recovering from the laparoscopy. Today I had a follow up call from the registrar who advised me that in surgery they found a uterine fibroid on my uterus. She also said that my uterus wasn’t enlarged. Now, my question is, does this mean that my diagnosis is now that I have only a uterine fibroid and not actually adenomyosis as first thought? She didn’t say that I didn’t have adenomyosis (the surgeon told me at pre op that it can’t be seen during a Laparoscopy). I’m so confused, as whilst I know fibroids and adenomyosis can produce similar symptoms (and in some women do do-exist), each condition has very different outcomes long term, so I really need to know what I’m dealing with? My next appt with Gynaecologist is not going to be scheduled until 3 months from now. So do I phone back up and ask for further clarification of my ultimate diagnosis or do I wait for the surgeons report for further clarification and then chase up if they don’t disclose in the report??

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