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Pain and more pain

Good afternoon,

On 28th October I had a laparoscopic removal of stage IV endometriosis and I have tried my best to be positive and think that I will see improvements as I have been suffering for years with and without treatment.

My first week was cracking until my period started and I had pain like never before. My GP was expecting my call to prepare a prescription for Zonadex to start immediately and I was expecting their call to go to for it. I take my part of mistake for not calling them more often.

I had now my injection and my period is still here, the menopause symptoms have started in 24 hours with hot and cold moments and not able to sleep at night.

My concerns is that I still experience heavy cramps, doctors say I am eliminating the CO2 from the operation but I don't know that pain to cause me to grip everything at hand is involved. Although I have started to fell the injection changes I am concerned about this cramps which at time cause more bleeding and extremely painful bowel bleeding movement as well.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I will like to know if there are any other experiences as I had several GP's whom ignored most of my symptoms and I need to have this under control.



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Dear Alina,

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling.

Have you mentioned the pain and the bleeding bowel movements to your GP and/or gynaecologist?

I am sending you some information and some links that you may find of use?

When are you due to see your gynaecologist again? Perhaps you could complete the following and take them with you so you can better discuss your symptoms and the way forward:



This link lists various treatment options:


It's hard to know whether this is relevant but perhaps it is something you could discuss with your endometriosis specialist:


Finally, there are countrywide specialist endometriosis centres that have teams of specialists (ie. gynaecologists, specialist endometriosis nurses, colorectal surgeons, urologists and pain management specialists) who all work together:


I wish you well.

Take care,




Thank you for your links and comment I shall check the information given.

My GP is unable to respond to my queries and my consultant is nowhere to be found. I called the hospital several times and they could not transfer me to any of his team or even assistant to leave a message for a call back.

All the gynacology hospital who may have access of my records where he is working I waited the longest about 10 minutes on a call which automatically hang up because there was no one to respond.

I am due to be seen on 17th December by a different person than my doctor and so far I have been on period since 8th of November. Each person I spoke to asked me try and connect to my consultant, I've been trying for two weeks now...


Hi Alina,

You are most welcome.

See what the doctor that you are seeing on 17/12/14 says and try to take things forward with him/her. If this doesn't work for you, I would suggest returning to your GP and requesting a referral to a specialist endometriosis centre:


Good luck!

Take care,



Hi Alina ! I've been reading your posts, I hope you're feeling better.I'm new here , I was desperate to find out it other ladies had the same problems after op as me .I hope you' re fully recovered and well . Dana ;)

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Thank you for the kind message, yes I am better. I have gone further with the treatment and I am now experiencing the mirena coil and adjusting to its effects.

How is your situation?

I am here if you ever wish to discuss, PM if it is easier. X


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