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How do people keep their jobs? In a lot of pain and called in sick again!

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How do people commute and function at work when they are in pain? I used to take codeine pre child but it made me sleepy and my brain wasn't exactly up to the mathematical office work I do. Nsaids irritate my bowel so I end up with IBS symptoms that make it difficult to leave house and paracetamol does very little but vaguely better than nothing. Mefenamic acid I had a bad reaction to as a teenager and can't take again. Each month I'm getting worse and worse pain as though it's getting back to the "writhing on bathroom floor and twice being misdiagnosed at A&E with appendicitis" pain levels I had pre pregnancy.

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Well I managed to stay working til I was 40, after that is was a downward. Husband left at 49.and the great drug Zoladex finally effected me with brain inflammation which caused serious depression, losing 3 yrs of normal life. Now only can take painkillers including morphine. No more opps . unless bowel blocks again. Longterm may lose both bladder and bowel. Longterm disability with pain and lack of sleep. A insurance Risk in the workplace and unemployable which for me as a talented Designer breaks me as I 'm very creative but totally unreliable on any day or time. Hopeless!


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