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Desperate for help

This is my first time here, I'm desperately hoping someone relate to my story and might be able to advise.

I'm 35 and problems started when I was 15. I'd never heard of Endometriosis until feb 2016 when I went to the doctors in desperation. As soon as she described it I knew I had it. Had to wait til May to have my Laparoscopy but at least I'll get answers. The hospital had changed the equipment used and caused an internal bleed and I was left for 2 days until they realised. I then had to have an emergency laparotomy and bloid transfusions. Yes I have endometriosis dotted all over my ovaries and womb so a time limit on fertility (was given 2 years to have children). Part of my bowel was stuck to my back. Since then my bowel and bladder do not work properly and I'm now convinced that this is to do with my endo - has anyone experienced this too? I also suffer with migraines - is this similar to your story.

Absolutely desperate for any help!

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Hi Becky, I’m 27 and have always had painful periods. I didn’t even think about endometriosis until I was referred to the gyno, and where they found a cyst which they think is due to endo. I fit all the symptoms of typical endo and I’m now waiting for a date for a laparoscopy to have the cysts removed and to confirm endo. It’s so horrible, it seems the endo is getting worse which is why my periods are a lot worse and why I’m getting these painful cysts. I have rectal and groin pain and I think it’s due to my endo! Currently on tramadol and morphine to help with the pain. It’s been a year now since I’ve been to my gp about this pain and I’ve only just been seen by the gyno. Just fed up with the whole process. And I too get migraines too, not sure if it’s related to endo.

I’m struggling with help too! Sorry I haven’t been able to advice anything. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

With love,


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