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Anyone had a similar experience?

Hi everyone,

I had my second lap to excise RV endometriosis two days ago. Docs told me all went very well, ovaries look healthy, tubes fine on dye test and managed to free everything. Apparently my uterus was folded back over on itself. They also said some of the endo had damaged my vagina so had to remove a small section and stitch it up. We are hoping to start ttc and I just wondered if anyone had had a similar op and had any experience to share. He told me 6 weeks healing then I’m fine to start trying. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Hey. I had excision of a 3.2cm RV nodule in July. Terrible Dyspareunia was one of my symptoms before hand and I'd not made love in 9 months before the op.

My nodule had grown into my vagina and my bowel wall and pulled my bowel out of place anatomically. I lost 4cm2 of my vagina and had a partial vulvectomy and vaginal repair along with a bowel shave. You're the first person I've come across with vagina damage.

I was cleared after 3 months and told I'd healed well and it was safe He warned me I might have pain for another 8 weeks so I left it a good 4/5 months before trying. When I did I found I am actually able to again, so it's better than before but unfortunately I still have an awful lot of pain even at 6 months. I've got some vaginal trainers to try on the advice of my surgeon, who says it should settle slowly with time.

I'm 43 so a fair bit older I imagine if you are TTC and with possibly more endo damage so hopefully it will be more straightforward for you. Xxx

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