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Did laparoscopic surgery minimize your pains during intercourse?

I am 21 and can't even have "normal" intercourse without it hurting, even when on hormonal treatments. I'm hoping to be put on a waiting list for a diagnostic lap soon and i'm wondering if laparoscopic treatment of endo has helped any of you return to a semi-normal sex life that isn't just chronic pain and discomfort, or is it something that will still persist even after surgery

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Hi, I am 42. I never really knew pain free sex due to an Endo nodule that was growing into my vagina and bowel wall probably since puberty.

I stopped even being able to have sex November last year not long before my diagnostic lap.

Unfortunately my vagina had become very damaged over the many years of not being diagnosed and my nodule was very advanced. In my excision surgery in July I had to have a partial vulvectomy losing 4cm2 of my vagina in a long repair op.

6 months on I am now able to have sex again though it is still very painful. I am hoping it will continue to improve with time.


Could also be pelvic floor pain, as often tight muscles can cause pain and being in pain can cause you to tense your muscles making them tight muscles! I'm working towards pelvic floor therapy and it's meant we've been able to have intercourse after almost 3 years of it being physical impossible!


Since my lap 2 months ago I have found it a lot better, the horrid deep shooting pain I was getting doesn’t seem to be there for now! Fingers crossed it stays that way and is the same for you x

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