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2 weeks post op. Sore muscles, weird looking belly button and upset stomach 🙁

Hi I had my lap 2 weeks ago and am still in quite a bit of pain. I am slowly getting better but am still limited to what I can do without hurting or being knackered lol.

I have some concerns about my belly button it's a totally different shape now and just looks awful does anyone know if it will go back to normal? It's not infected or red or anything I think it's the way it's been stitched.

Also the pain in the muscles behind it are still really sore and tender.

And my last concern is I keep having really upset stomachs and I have no idea why. I've come off my painkillers now so it's not them. I do have ibs but haven't had any trigger foods. Think I'm just worried it's related to my wounds.

Any help would be appreciated just to know I'm not mad lol.

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Hi. I had my lap and treatment a month ago now and my belly button sounds the same. I think it’s just the way they stitch it leaves it looking slightly different. Mines definitely better now than it was, like the swelling took quite a while to go down and still now probably is swollen a bit. I also found the pain/soreness behind my belly button was the last to go but it did eventually. Can’t comment on the upset stomach aspect, if it continues it may be worth a visit to the GP just to be safe?

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I had all sorts of horrible digestive issues after my surgery and don't have IBS. I put it down to the physical trauma of surgery to the body and stress.

I took probiotics and did a lowish fodmap alkaline diet and am gradually improving , though not yet out of the woods by any means.


Hey, I am just over three weeks, like you getting there! But took me longer than I had anticipated! And the pain was worse than I thought! Re-assured about the bellybutton! Trying not to show my fiancé my tummy! He is supportive, it’s me! And my hormones!! Can’t see my wearing a bikini anytime soon! Hope to go back to work soon! It’s the tiredness!

Can’t comment on the tummy, I get like that frequently because of the IBS. I would maybe get some advice from GP if it doesn’t settle soon x


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