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Endometriosis, help?!


First time poster and a weepy mess whilst typing. So apologies for typos!

I was diagnosed with endometirosis and pcos last April and had a 6 month period of zoladex with a laparoscopy and colcoscopy 2 months into the Zoladex. I bled severely for 6 weeks following the operation and was taken back into hospital. Mid July onwards I was bleed free but deep in the menopause and struggling with hot flushes, migraines night sweats and painful bones which left me feeling 30 years my senior. I have since finished my zoladex treatment in October and although I cannot recall the last time i had more than 2 hours sleep I was in less pain and the hot flushes subsided.

I had a 4 day period at the start of December which was very heavy but pain free compared to all previous i was ecstatic and lured myself into a somewhat false sense of hope. My periods did not continue regularly and because i paid to have the operation done privately I was removed from my NHS Consultant and now have to wait 8 months for an appt on the NHS or pay £200 per 15 min appt privately.

My GP put me back on the pill between Xmas and new year in lieu of the zoladex whilst waiting to see a consultant. I had not been on any contraceptive for 5 years. Within a week my face was covered in spots my eczema at its worst for months, experiencing chest pains (that i had always put down to anxiety from lack of sleep) alot more frequently and throwing up daily.

This week I have hit a wall. I am in agonising pain which after 3 GP appts they have confirmed is from cysts on right ovary. I am so exhausted I've stumbled through the days either crying or being sick. I have called in sick the last two days which I know is going to cause issues but i dont want to leave my house or my dressing gown i move from room to room clutching a hot water bottle my face is swollen from lack of sleep and crying, my voice hoarse from being sick and something cross between a headache and severe brain fog.

I'm sorry to bore you all. I dont really know what I came on here for. I'm just so exhausted and fed up and emotional and pathetic I dont know what to do anymore.

I went to the doctors cause of the pain across my right hip area and the lack of sleep. I left with a prescription tramadol for the pain, deep vein thrombis medication and told to sit by the phone waiting the results of a blood test. She said she couldn't help with the sleeping because it's hormonal but later found out no blood clot.

I haven't slept for months, I have tried all of Lush's sleepy range, different duvets sheets and blankets, fans, sleeping in silk, cotton and nothing but no matter what every two hours i wake in either a clamy sticky sweat or a cold damp sweat to the point my husband is covered in my sweat most nights. Does anyone have any other tips?

I'm at a loss for what to do now. I feel like if i could get on top of the sleeping I would be in a much better place to deal with everything else, like the pain, the fact i feel like ive failed at being a woman, being asked by every doctor and person I talk to why i dont just get pregnant. For now I'm just spiralling out of control, I dont speak to my mum and my Nan recently passed away and I feel like I'm boring my friends and husband so I'm really sorry but I'm here to annoy all of you now. :) thank you to anyone that gets to the end of this and responds xxx

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I'm yet to be diagnosed but wanted you to know that you are not alone. I've had some really tough days, mentally and physically. I'm trying so hard to have some sort of self control which seems to help me through the days of waiting to see someone.

Could you see a different doctor? I've seen quite a few and have found one who is doing her best to support and help me as much as possible.

I suffered with nerve pain in my legs and was given amitriptyline which although is a small dose it does help to relax me at night, I also have got into a routine of bath with Epsom salts, hot water bottles, pills, candles and a book. My husband has also just put a tv in the bedroom for me so I can relax as much as possible. I know it's no fix but it's just doing what's best to feel comfortable at the moment.

I really really feel for everybody on here, 7 weeks ago my pain was bearable but now it's beyond anything id ever imagined. Stay strong and keep fighting to get sorted xx


Well i have my personal experience. And my lap with spire was approximately 2500. But these were the initial fees, i you have diagnosed with something else and want to remove that then there are more extra charges. I was also very scared from my surgery but once it had been done ,now i am in am in so much relief. By the way good luck for your lap.


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