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Endo and flexible working requests!


Hi everyone, does anyone know anything about flexible working requests and having endometriosis considered a disability (I know it's not a recognised disability just yet but apparently it can be considered as such for flexible working applications) any info would be super helpful. Thanks. I am thinking I am going to have to approach work to ask to work one day a week at home so interested to hear anyone else's experience Thanks x

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I spoke to occupational health at my previous employer and they wrote me a report to say that I should be able to work flexibly. So I could work from home when needed, make up hours if I needed to work short hours another time etc

My boss was v suppportive so I never actually had to make this formal, I just worked when I needed to.

Do you have an occupational health team you can speak to?x

No its a very small independent business no hr department either but I could maybe book an appointment with one? Thanks

I'm at my mum's right now recovering from a laparoscopy but when I get home I'd be happy to dig out the report for you x

Hiya, I asked for this informally after explaining the severity of my condition and was allowed to wfh one day a week. I had to ask two different bosses and neither had a problem with it at all. I now do so religiously though I do have to move the day around to fit with working needs. It's vital in helping me survive the working week. Fatigue and back pain are my worst symptoms.

I work for a very big corporate but they are generally not very disability aware or progressive.

Any disease meeting the impact on life and duration criteria would theoretically give you protection under equality legislation but I'd try to keep it informal if possible at least at first. If you have to resort to that line they may get defensive.

I spoke to my boss and HR when I started being treated for endo and they've been great. I asked if I would be able to work from home on occasion, and they've said that I can work from home for up to 2 days a week with flexibility when I'm really bad, and I'm also able to leave work early and wfh for the rest of the day if I'm struggling to get through a day. I'll be honest it has impacted my work due to my position, but I feel so much better mentally and less stressed knowing I have that flexibility now and I don't have to force myself to go in and endure a whole day anymore.

Hey! I'm glad I've just stumbled across your post. I've started to wonder the same thing myself as I'm really noticing how lethargic I am most days as well as managing the pain. X

How's your boss? If they are approachable be open and honest with them about your endo. That worked for me.

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