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Only get pain during ovulation now?

Hey, I’m 20 I was diagnosed with Endo in 2015, though have had it since my periods started pretty much. I was put on the pill to stop the excruciating pain during my periods and it worked for the most part (apart from I got all the side effects from being on the pill ew) but for the past 3 months I have had such intense endo pain during ovulation?! It's worse because all 3 times i've had it I've been at work and I've had to go upstairs to be sick due to the pain and stuff. Like it's unbearable, like endo pain usually is.

Also when I'm NOT on my period, my boobs ache so much, they literally feel like rocks and they're so sensitive to touch. Like they ache for 3 weeks until i get my period.

Should I go back to my doctors? The doctors I have are quite bad at actually looking into things though, i feel like they'll just ignore it

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