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Zoladex at 19?

Hi everyone,

I had a laparoscopy done just over a month ago, discovering that I had endometriosis. During the lap, they removed most of it however some still remains on my bowel. My Gynaecologist has suggested that I take Zoladex for five months, but I am very weary about taking it. I have read a good share about bad experiences on the drug, but not too many positive ones. Might I add that I am 19... and have also suffered with depression in my previous years (hence the weariness, as it is one of the side effects). Help me out here! Share your thoughts.

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Hey there. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this at such a young age. I had zoladex for 6 months and hated it but I was told I wasn’t allowed to take HRT with it. Drs now know it’s safe to take HRT as it’s not the same as your ovaries producing hormones. So maybe your experience will be better than mine. Also some women have no problems with it. For me I experienced sever hot flushes ever 15 minutes or so and felt very depressed to the point I went to see a therapist. I guess it’s a trade of that you might feel crappy for a few months but if it means your bowls are protected it might be worth it. You could always try it for one month (it’s an injection) and see how you feel. You don’t have to keep taking anything you don’t want to. I think women have different experiences with this drug so you just never know until you take it. Best of luck xx

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