My name is Sarah. Living in Barbados. I have just joined the site. Very new to this. Trying to find others with my same problem so I can talk. I have fibroids. Very large one. About seven of them. Causing loads of problems for my body.. I have started zoladex to get ready for operation. The doctor said it would stop all bleeding but that is not the case. I have been bleeding and passing colts like crazy... Pain is not as bad as before. Before I was in so much pain. And living on pain medication just to get through the day. Had to stop school and work. Can't be alone much. Medication makes me sick... Has any else use this or is using or have fibroids. Any one who has something to say. I am willing to listen....



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Hi Sarah. I was on that and it took three months for my body to get used to it. Once it settles bleeding and pain stopped completely for me. This injection is a god send, so keep going :-)

Thanks rousy.

Good to know. Guess I have to stock up on pads.. After losing my baby. Bleed for 6 weeks 4 days and got the injection so have been bleeding for a while now makes me light headed and tired all the time. Can't wait ft or it to stop..

Hello to you in Barbados Sarah! :-) Do you mean you have Endometriosis as well as the fibroids? This part of the forum is the UK Endometriosis support network. Most of the women here would probably be having Zoladex for Endo not fibroids! Zoladex can take a while to stop the bleeding for some women and occasionally doesn't stop it at all.

Was trying to find site for fibroids and this keep coming up so I chat. Almost the same thing. Both are growths in the same place. Cause lots of pain and bleeding. Same medication used to treat them.. Still looking to speak to anyone using this product. I can't do much but lie down. For pain and bleeding. Just want to know I am not alone.

But thanks for replying

Any information helps

No worries! I was just thinking you might get more help and support somewhere that is specifically about Fibroids.

Are you on Facebook? In case you are not aware there are loads of support groups on there!

Thanks so much

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