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Cerelle- mini pill


So I have stage 2 endo and as like many it is very painful skimp with other symptoms.

I came off my combined pill contraception in may last year as my periods had completely stopped for some reason.

Up until now I have just been using condoms but discussed with my consultant that some other form will help with my endo symptoms and regulate my periods.

I was against the coil so I have been put on the mini pill cerelle.

I would just like to hear peoples views and experiences on this?

Thank you!

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Hey, I was on cerelle and it had no effect on me but for some reason hormone pills do give me the severe side effects. It didn’t help my very painful cramps or bleeding and made me bleed in between periods.

But everyone is different


I got put on Cerazette (which I believe is the same pill) and my periods are still very heavy but now my cycle is about 70 days as opposed to 25. The pain is still there and my periods are still very heavy but once again I think it varies from person to person as I've reacted pretty much the same to every pill I've been on. I also refused the mirena due to a tilted uterus but the gynaeo told me that's basically the next step, which is frustrating! x


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