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Unexpected blood clots and increased pain!

I am 3 months off prostap and don’t expect a period for a while.

I had radical excision surgery 5 weeks ago, so still not 100% and in pain. Some days are good and others not so much.

But today has been terrible!! I am in excruciating pain. Have taken codeine and oromorph, as well as anti sickness for my nausea. I can’t take anti inflammatory medication or I would have tried that. The pain is intense and nothing I am trying is giving me any comfort!

I am passing blood clots when I go to the toilet, the size of a grape and 3-6 in a row. It does not seem like period and not bleeding on my pad. It only happens when I go to the toilet and deep red in colour.

Could it be a type of period or to do with the op or nothing to worry about? X

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