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Hi guys,

Just an update of my pain management and what’s going on!

As you know my cyst is bleeding and was 9cm and was causing me horrendous pain..

I went to the doctors as I thought hospital was unnecessary because I knew what was causing the pain only for my dr to send me to gynae because he knows I’m fairly tolerant to pain.

Again I got told it was just my endometriosis flare up because I had my coil removed and I was adamant that it wasn’t and whilst I was there demanded I had either a CT scan or an ultrasound to see the progression of my cyst hoping that it had shrunk and it was just my endometriosis pain.

Once again my instincts were right and my cyst has grown to 13cm in the space of two weeks which is worrying. I am due an appointment ready for an operation for the removal of my cyst and more than likely the removal of my left ovary with it because of the size of it and they’re unsure they can keep my ovarian tissue in tact.

This has left me devastated as my right ovary and Fallopian tube are stuck together and stuck down onto my pelvic floor and this was always going to be hard for me to conceive naturally and now I hardly have a chance at all!

I have asked if during this operation I could either have my tube and ovary pulled away from my pelvic floor or eggs removed to then be turned into embryos and frozen however my consultant won’t do either!

To top all of this off I’m having issues with Work and college for not being able to attend for my health and everything all in one is encouraging my anxiety and depression to flare up!

I’m just absolutely devastated!

However on the plus side I am at home all warm and comfy in my own bed! Xx

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Sorry you are in so much pain. I managed to shrink a cyst with 2 supplements: nattokinaise and Serrapeptase. If you need more info just comment and I will find the article I originally read that made me try it x


If it’s no bother please? If I get enough research behind me they may not operate.. xx



Hi! This is the article that made me want to try the stuff. I’ve just got back from a scan and I have 3 cysts. Determined not to have a laparoscopy so will be stuffing my face with these until I pop !

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Also lots of brocolli and other greens. Be kind to your body xxxx

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Just for comfort on the baby side, my friend only has one ovary - not endo related and has had three children so don’t worry too much. I’ve got them both with two slow tubes and only have one child. I’m on serrapeptase now - dunno if it works, I avoid dairy most of the time and up until Christmas I avoided gluten too plus I’m having acupuncture. This condition isn’t fun at all but can be managed xx


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